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All That

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All That Soap2day , Opening: The cast hangs out on the playground before the show starts comparing their latest in hip footwear, including a pear of shoes that dispenses yogurt and has a built-in sound system. Now those are cool shoes. Baggin' Saggin' Barry: The Jr. Badger Buddies are lost in the woods. But they've got nothing to worry about because they've got Baggin' Saggin' Barry (Kenan) with them. He's got everything in his pants. Food, drink, TV, and even a recliner! Katrina is a bouncer at the most popular pizza place in town. But if you think you're getting in past her, you'd better think again. Urkels: There are two Urkels (Angelique & Kel) at two seperate windows, each one trying to prove that they're the real Urkel. Annie Runner: Little Annie (Katrina) tries to sing her song, until someone dumps whiter paint on her. Miss Fingerly: If you bring anything into Miss Fingerly's (Lori Beth) class, you'd better make sure that you have enough for the rest of the class.